From A Jack To A King

Jack Gatto Multi Award Winning Elvis Tribute Artist

Jack's Journey

Jack in Red Elvis Jumpsuit

Jack was first introduced to Elvis by his father who would play Elvis records around the family home. Jack, being a naive teenager, told his dad "I think I can sing like this guy." To which his dad replied "no one can sing like Elvis." However, once he heard Jack sing he agreed that Jack has a unique talent. Jack then started to research Elvis and instantly became a huge fan and started to learn to sing as many Elvis songs as he could.

Throughout his teenage years Jack taught himself how to play the acoustic guitar and would perform around the Geelong and Surf Coast area in Victoria, with his performance of Elvis' music always a crowd favourite. In November 2014 at 23 years of age, Jack decided to take on the challenge of performing his idol’s full stage show as an Elvis Tribute Artist. Within a year he won 3 major Elvis Tribute Artist competitions and competed amongst the top 24 Tribute Artists in the world at the 2015 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist competition in Memphis, Tennessee.

After only a few shows in the Geelong area Jack went to the Parkes Elvis Festival in January 2015 where he took out the title of the best “Senior Tribute to Elvis” in their annual competition and performed live on stage with the Fourcasters band. Jack returned home where he performed many sold out shows across Melbourne and Victoria. Then, after winning Crown Casino’s “Crown the King” competition, Jack headed to the Viva Surfers Paradise Festival where he would cement his spot as one of the elite ETA’s in Australia by winning the 2015 “Australian Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist” competition. This meant that Jack gained entry into the World Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist competition among the top 24 ETA’s in the world. Jack gained invaluable experience from this journey and on his return to Australia Jack was able to perform bigger and better shows dedicated to his idol, the king of rock ‘n’ roll, Elvis Presley.

In January 2016 Jack again won a preliminary Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Competition, this time at the Parkes Elvis Festival, the first time the festival has held a UETA preliminary contest. This means Jack will be returning to Memphis in August 2016 to once again represent Australia at the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Competition for the chance to be crowned the best Elvis Tribute Artist in the world for 2016.